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420 Royal Palm Way
Palm Beach, FL, USA 33480

We represent clients who run, NOT walk toward great opportunities

The Atlas Agency is known for our energetic and contemporary approach to both commercial and residential Real Estate brokerage services utilizing the latest technology to assure near-perfect communication between all vested parties.

Our formula is simple:  identify our clients’ problems, match them with solid solutions and fuel them with urgency.  We don’t just accept deals; we engineer them for the best possible outcome.

We take our clients to the head of the curve to take advantage of the ever-changing economic conditions and adjusting Real Estate environment. The Atlas Agency is always looking up-field for off-market deals and unique opportunities because we believe that if you already know about a deal, it’s probably too late.

The Atlas Agency uses the latest proprietary technology to facilitate near-perfect communication between all vested parties.  We adapt to our client’s vocabulary, immerse ourselves into their culture and capture a full understanding of the desired outcome to ensure a successful transaction.  

Meet the
of Atlas Group LTD

Lincoln Hine, CEO


Lincoln Hine

Emily Eubanks, CFO


Emily Eubanks

Mike Holt, CIO


Mike Holt

Trevor Johnson, COO


Trevor Johnson